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Katherine Wills Avatar
Katherine Wills

Massive thank you to Dan for giving me permission to use one of his images... read more  - 1/25/2017

Heather Rider Avatar
Heather Rider

Dan (and Gemma) made the photographs at our wedding so easy and quick. Highly polished... read more  - 6/08/2017

Christian Brinkmann Avatar
Christian Brinkmann

Well dan struthers is known as a bit of a legend in our area of... read more  - 7/06/2017

Richard McGalvin Avatar
Richard McGalvin

So when getting married it's a always a bit of a risk asking friends to... read more  - 8/22/2017

Tan Jones Avatar
Tan Jones

I cant recommend this business enough. Dan makes you feel at ease and has some... read more  - 7/23/2017

Jon Byrne Avatar
Jon Byrne

Dan, Gemma. We don't know what to say apart from thank you both so much.... read more  - 6/20/2017

Dale Rankmore Avatar
Dale Rankmore

We have been working with Dan this summer across two events including Su Casa and... read more  - 9/26/2017

Sion Jones Avatar
Sion Jones

Great guy and helped get some cracking publicity shots for my shop. �  - 7/10/2017

Steve Peat Avatar
Steve Peat

It's always a pleasure when we have Dan working for us, he literally cannot do... read more  - 7/10/2017

Heather Carr Avatar
Heather Carr

Dan (and Gemma) made the photographs at our wedding so easy and quick. Highly polished... read more  - 9/26/2017

Glam Style Avatar
Glam Style

Thank you Dan and Gemma you were brilliant and we couldn't have picked better photographers.... read more  - 9/26/2017

Katie McPherson Avatar
Katie McPherson

Dan and Gemma were amazing Totally professional but. made everyone feel so relaxed. They really... read more  - 6/07/2017

Cathy Whitfield Avatar
Cathy Whitfield

Dan and Gemma have provided perfect pictures of our wedding � they captures all the... read more  - 8/19/2016

Cara Squire Avatar
Cara Squire

So, let's just start by saying we would give Dan (and Gemma) 6* plus if... read more  - 5/22/2017

Simon Whitfield Avatar
Simon Whitfield


Great photo's, great people.

Completely professional with no pressure.

I would definitely use them again and highly... read more  - 6/11/2017